Innovative Delivery

The Academy for Teaching Excellence provides innovative solutions for all teaching modalities, traditional, blended, and online courses. Our staff can help faculty integrate technology into their instruction, and provide solutions to engage and evaluate their students.

E-Learning is content and instructional methods and materials delivered via a computer, tablet or mobile device and designed to impart knowledge and develop skills related to individual or organizational goals. The Academy provides access to software and teaches workshops for faculty looking to get started with E-Learning.
Want to improve online learners’ engagement and motivate them to extract the most from their online courses? The Academy offers several workshops on how to create engaging course materials and personalized E-learning experiences for your students.
E-learning also provides a means to evaluate your student’s knowledge of instructional material. Lessons and materials can be custom designed to meet the course objectives, personalized for student self-regulation, and integrated dynamically with the course grade book. Contact one of our the Academy staff members to schedule an appointment to learn more.

Blackboard Collaborate

Want to engage your students or invite guest speakers for online or blended learning? Then Blackboard Collaborate is for you! This application allows faculty to teach their online and blended courses virtually as a “Live” online synchronous session.

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E-Learning & Mobile Learning

How can you ensure students can access material on their mobile devices? Want to learn how to create and/or convert your instructional materials to an interactive E-Learning experience. Visit our “Innovate” workshops to learn more.
Innovate Workshops

Interactive Media

Need a presentation recorded or available to your students to review? Contact one of our staff to learn how to create, enhance or record audio, video, or other interactive media and visual content for your instruction.
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Innovate Workshops:

  • Using Blackboard Collaborate
  • Extend Your Presentations with Articulate Interactions
  • Introduction to SoftChalk

E-Learning Software

  • Adobe E-Learning Suite
  • Articulate Studio
  • Camtasia Studio
  • SoftChalk Create

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