Instructional Support

The Academy for Teaching Excellence provides assistance and support for traditional, blended and online instruction. Support services include custom graphic & instructional design support, lecture capture and multimedia solutions, as well as on-demand and on-request teaching and learning workshops for traditional and technology-assisted teaching methods.

Blackboard & Online

We provide faculty with instructional support for their traditional, blended and online instruction. Our services include faculty start-up and support for Blackboard and online course development.


The Academy staff can assist you in the delivery of your course content and materials. Whether it is the development of a new course, revised format, or a complete refresh. Contact one of our staff can help get you started!


The Academy can assist faculty with custom creative solutions for their instruction. Services include E-Learning, collaboration, interactive media, lecture capture, and other instructional technology solutions.


The Academy provides faculty professional development opportunities, support and resources on request or as part of the Academy for Teaching Excellence’s semester programming.

Teaching Consultation

The Academy for Teaching Excellence offers one-on-one teaching consultations to all faculty members.  Teaching consultations are personalized to meet the needs of the faculty member, and are designed to assist the faculty member in addressing any classroom challenge or opportunity.  For example, an Academy for Teaching Excellence representative can help you:

  • Design or redesign a course or syllabus
  • Develop or rework a lesson to increase student engagement and understanding
  • Identify teaching strategies that best achieve your goals for the classroom
  • Generate creative ideas for assignments, projects, and classroom activities
  • Design assessments and rubrics for effective feedback to students

Teaching consultations are voluntary and confidential.  The process is documented to help guide the consultation, but this documentation is for you to use as you see fit.

Please propose 3 dates/times to meet with an Academy representative this semester.

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