Have you registered for the Faculty Retreat? Time to get excited!Like most colleges, our academic departments are organized by discipline, but our professional development offerings have been more general. At this year’s retreat, we will explore how disciplinary context affects how we approach teaching to support student learning in each area.

Friday, faculty across disciplines will share how they have developed relevant and responsive teaching strategies throughout their careers and how they continue to adapt to students’ changing needs. Dinner and an evening of entertaining activities including team trivia and talent night will follow.

Saturday, groups will reflect on the topics addressed in the presentations on Friday, identify essential competencies specific to their disciplines, and develop plans for building capacity in areas of need. The retreat will culminate with creative share-outs from each group and a celebratory lunch. The ideas generated in these two days will shape the collaborative efforts of the Academy and Faculty Development Committee to work with each area to develop more discipline-specific professional development.

Registration will be available through February 15: www.bit.ly/FacultyRetreat2019. Please remind your colleagues to register. No registrations can be accepted after this date. A sign-up link for team trivia and talent night is forthcoming. Presenter info will be shared in the Academy newsletter on February 20, so stay tuned!