On June 29, Associate Professor of English Maggie McKinley discussed her forthcoming book Understanding Norman Mailer (University of South Carolina Press, September 2017) to more than 30 Harper College students and faculty in a presentation called “Understanding Norman Mailer 50 Years After the March on the Pentagon and the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.” Norman Mailer published more than 30 books in his expansive 60 year career, and Professor McKinley’s forthcoming book addresses every one of those in some capacity.

Professor McKinley, who is friends with Norman Mailer’s youngest son, John Buffalo Mailer, teaches American Literature at Harper. She is the author of Masculinity and the Paradox of Violent in American Fiction, 1950-75 (Bloomsbury), and her work has also been published in Studies in American Jewish Literature, Philip Roth Studies, Roth and Celebrity (Lexington Press), and Critical Insights: Philip Roth (Salem Press).

The presentation was part of the Harper Authors Lecture Series sponsored by the Cultural Arts Committee.