Fall 2019 Syllabus UpdatesThe Harper College Syllabus Template, syllabus examples, and all related resources on the Harper College syllabus webpage have been updated for Fall 2019. You are encouraged to use these updated versions going forward.

The following sections of the syllabus template contain updates. It is recommended that you copy/paste these sections from the updated template on the website into your current syllabi, replacing the previous verbiage.

In order of appearance on the template:

  • Course Surveys (Student Opinionnaires of Instruction)
  • Behavioral Expectations
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Equal Opportunity Statement
  • Tutoring Center
  • Counseling Services – this replaces the Psychological Services section

Updated Grab-and-Go sections on the syllabus webpage (these do not appear in the standard template, but should be updated for those that use them):

  • Courses with IncludED (Inclusive Access Materials)
  • Dispute Resolution – NEW to the grab-and-go options for Fall 2019

Not familiar with the Harper College Syllabus Template? Find out where the template resides and how to share your very important course information: Harper Syllabus Template video.

Questions? Please contact the Academy at 847.925.6174, academy@harpercollege.edu.