Congratulations to the following faculty members for presenting a project at the Fall 2017 Cornerstone Series Showcase:

  • Faiza Asghar, Mathematics & Science
  • Raeghan Graessle, Mathematics & Science
  • Ana Maria Contreras, Liberal Arts
  • Robert Allare, Business & Social Science
  • Brianne Mangione, Mathematics & Science
  • Ruth Moser, Mathematics & Science

Pictured (left to right): Ana Maria Contreras, Raeghan Graessle, Faiza Asghar, Brianne Mangione, Robert Allare, and Ruth Moser

Each of these participants attended both parts of a Cornerstone Series workshop and then demonstrated an innovation (or innovations) they’ve made in their face-to-face or online classroom. The presentations included hands-on ways to make an impact with collaborative learning, incorporate pieces of “Making the 4 Connections in Your Classroom”, create a course orientation in Blackboard Collaborate, and more! Great job and thanks for presenting!