Teaching with Geospatial Technologies


This Community of Practice allows faculty to explore the use and infusion of geospatial technologies (Geographic Information Systems – GIS, Global Positioning Systems – GPS, and Earth Imagery) into the curriculum. Members will develop teaching strategies and customizable activities that can be used within and across disciplinary boundaries.


Facilitator: Mukila Maitha, Geography, Math & Science

  • Jennifer Bell, Adult Education Development, Liberal Arts
  • Tong Cheng, Khalil, Biology, Math & Science
  • James Edstrom, Library, Resources for Learning
  • James Gramlich, Sociology, Business & Social Science
  • Kimberly Jaeger, World Languages, Liberal Arts
  • Rich Johnson, English, Liberal Arts
  • Nellie Khalil, Biology, Math & Science
  • Michael Ribant, Geography, Math & Science



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The artifacts that will be found below have been developed by members of the Teaching with Geospatial Technologies Community of Practice.