Open Education Resources

A Community of Practice focusing on finding and creating Open Education Resources (OER). Focus will be on the idea of equality vs. equity and how to overcome the barrier of using OER materials by means of adopting, adapting, or authoring.


  • Aram Agajanian, Electronics Engineering
  • Paula Akialis, Health Information Technology
  • Jacqueline Chalmers, Math
  • Kimberly Fournier, Library
  • Karen Herold, Academy for Teaching Excellence
  • Mary Hood, Radiology
  • Judy Kaplow, Humanities
  • Jennifer Lau-Bond, Library
  • Cindy Miller, Computer Info Systems
  • Elizabeth Pagenkopf, Health Careers
  • Kimberley Polly, Math
  • Kathleen Sachs, World Languages
  • Timothy Jansen, Computer Info Systems



Related Resources

The artifacts found below have been developed by members of the Open Education Resources (OER) Community of Practice.