English 101 Advanced Learning Placement


The purpose is for ENG 101 ALP faculty to explore the efficacy of a writing-studio model for the supplemental hour of instruction in ALP. ENG 101 ALP is an acceleration model that mainstreams higher performing developmental students into a credit-bearing course. Harper’s version of ALP mainstreams 10 developmental students with strong reading but weak writing skills (determined by our in-house placement took) into ENG 101 courses. The ALP students attend the ENG 100 class, and then once a week, they meet as a group to receive an additional hour of instruction.


Facilitator: Andrew Anastasia

  • Andrew Anastasia, Liberal Arts
  • Nick Bennett, Liberal Arts
  • Ted Brady, Liberal Arts
  • Patrick Carberry, Liberal Arts
  • Kathleen Dyrda, Liberal Arts
  • Carissa Miller, Liberal Arts
  • Judi Nitsch, Liberal Arts



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