Early Career Faculty


The Early Career Faculty Community of Practice is open to all non-tenured faculty members with the goal of improving their initial years on campus. We will be aligning our strategic goals with the formal faculty assessment process to allow for improved availability and idea generation for activities that promote instructional, institutional, and community service as well as promote professional development. We will accomplish this through educational activities that improve their understanding of the operations of the college, social activities that improve their “connectedness” to campus and improve their network, and wellness activities that allow for a smooth transition into academics.


  • Yelda Aydin-Mullen, Mathematics and Science
  • Jeremy Chamberlain, Mathematics and Science
  • Terry Frank, Health Careers
  • Rita Gura, Health Careers
  • Jacqueline Kraus, Mathematics and Science
  • Luisel Lemkau, Mathematics and Science
  • Jonathan Loos, Kinesiology & Health Education
  • Anthony Miniuk, Mathematics and Science
  • Cara Mullen, Mathematics and Science
  • Kathleen Nikolai, Early Childhood Education
  • Stefan Pajtek, Mathematics and Science
  • Theresa Piekarski, Health Careers
  • Laura Smith, Health Careers
  • Kendra Uhe, Health Careers
  • Traci Wessel, Health Careers



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