ACEs Trauma-Informed Practice


This CoP will focus on examining ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) in higher education. Our group is composed of a diverse mix of instructors, support staff, and administrators and will explore ways one might use ACEs science to understand the affective experiences of students, faculty, and staff at Harper College.


Facilitator: Andrew Anastasia

  • Andrew Anastasia, English
  • Vicki Atkinson, Student Development
  • Sara Chears-Martinez, Student Development
  • Michele DeCanio, Student Development
  • Meg King, English
  • Beverly Riley, Human Resources
  • Elke Weinbrenner, World Languages
  • LaVonya Williams, Student Development




Related Resources

The artifacts found below have been developed by members of the ACEs Trauma-Informed Practice Community of Practice.

ACEs and the Harper College Campus Community

This orientation session examined the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in college students and explained some of the ways they negatively impact course completion, persistence, retention, and graduation rates.