Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

The Academy for Teaching Excellence is pleased to launch a faculty-driven development opportunity that will create a space for instructors to engage in meaningful and productive reflection on their teaching and classroom experience. Communities of Practice allow faculty to interact as peers to explore new approaches to teaching. Members create a collegial and supportive environment with shared ownership for the purpose, value, and outcomes they hope to achieve. The goals of the group are defined by the members themselves who share similar passions in support of teaching excellence. Members of the communities of practice will create individual or group projects based on their shared area of interest. For more information about Communities of Practice, view our CoP Facilitation & Resources or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages.


Looking to participate in a Community of Practice? Contact the Academy to find out which communities have openings or are recruiting members.

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, consider filling out an application to join.

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If you are interested in starting your own, consider filling out a proposal to create a new Community of Practice.

Seeking Members

The Communities of Practice below are currently seeking members to participate in their communities.

Grit, Growth Mindset & Metacognition

The purpose of this CoP is to facilitate a discussion about enhancing student learning through the understanding of Grit, Growth Intelligence Mindset, and the use of metacognitive strategies.

Preparing Students for Professional Experiences

The purpose of this CoP is to develop creative ways to elevate students’ skills and readiness prior to clinical or internship experiences

Communities of Practice – Directory

These Communities of Practice are currently full, but if you are interested in learning more about these communities and in joining at a later date, send an email to

Active Communities

ACEs Trauma-Informed Practice

This CoP will focus on examining ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) in higher education. Our group is composed of a diverse mix of instructors, support staff, and administrators.

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Active Learning Strategies Across Disciplines

The intent of this CoP is to explore active learning strategies that will help instructors across disciplines create more opportunities for student growth and/or engagement.

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The Art of Teaching for Equity

This Community of Practice focuses on Curriculum and Pedagogy that would bring faculty together in the spirit of collaboration and synthesis related to the Art of Teaching for equity…

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English 101 Accelerated Learning Program

The purpose is for ENG 101 ALP faculty to explore the efficacy of a writing-studio model for the supplemental hour of instruction in ALP.

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Engaging Instruction in the College Classroom

Our Community of Practice interest is to research the topic of “innovative teaching techniques in the classroom.”

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Innovative Instruction Think Tank (IITT)

The IITT is a community for sharing and exploring innovative instructional techniques, especially those that employ technology.

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Learning Assessment

The Learning Assessment Community of Practice is composed of members who share a desire to discuss research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and issues related to assessment.

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Open Education Resources

A Community of Practice focusing on finding and creating Open Education Resources (OER).

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Relating to Students: Making Connections

Student success is enhanced by creating an inclusive community in which all involved members feel valued. This Community of Practice will focus on effective strategies for faculty/staff to communicate with students.

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Reflective Teaching Practices

We aim to create new programs and/or resources, both digital and interpersonal, that will help adjunct faculty develop professional artifacts.

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Sustainability Projects in the Classroom

This group of faculty and staff is working to infuse sustainability projects into classes so students can help us figure out how to address some of the thornier issues around attaining carbon neutrality.

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Teaching with Geospatial Technologies

This Community of Practice allows faculty to explore the use and infusion of geospatial technologies into the curriculum.

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Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework faculty can use to create a learning environment that meets the diverse needs of students, by recognizing that learner variability is the norm.

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Inactive Communities

English 100 Teaching Practices

The purpose of this Community of Practice is to explore best teaching practices in an integrated reading and basic writing course.

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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

This community, which has been meeting since Fall 2016, is sharing a focus on applying Scholarship of Teaching and Learning principles to classroom practice.

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