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How to Share Your YouTube Video Using the Content Editor

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Choose the course that you wish to work with
  3. Create an Announcement or Content Item
  4. Click the “Record from Webcam” icon (see Image 1 below)
  5. When prompted, click “Sign In to YouTube” (see Image 2 below)
  6. Sign in to YouTube using your Google account. Click “Accept” to allow your Blackboard server to access your YouTube videos. If your Google account is not enabled for YouTube access, you will receive a prompt to open a new browser tab and log in to YouTube. After you log in to YouTube, create your YouTube channel to upload and store your videos. Click “Grant Access”
  7. Click “Browse” and search for the video you want to add
  8. Click “Insert” to add the video to the content editor. You can choose between:
    • Play in place: Plays the video in the current location. Users can resize the video size to match the content. A placeholder appears in the content editor where your video will play for viewers.
    • Thumbnail: A small image of the video is displayed. Users click on the thumbnail to view the video in a new window.
  9.  Your video appears in your content item
  10.  Click “Submit”

Submitted by Karen Herold, Instructional Technology Assistant

Blackboard Tip of the Month

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Blackboard Tip of the Month

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